Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What to do with old Christmas cards?

It always saddens me to box up the Christmas decor.  If my husband allowed it, I would leave it all up (lights included) all year round.  I shall desist and shelf the knickknacks until December 1st.  Sigh... Away go the wonderfully tacky kid-made trinkets, stoic nutcracker, ugly Christmas sweaters, and mismatched stockings.  As I let the air out of the inflatable wreath, I realize my last task is to take down the Christmas cards.

Ready to box up for next year!

You thought I was joking about the inflatable wreath, huh?!
This too can be yours!  Check it out here.

Sending Christmas cards is no cheap and easy task and, in a digital world, it's a wonder people still send Christmas cards at all.  They are expensive to print and mail.  Regardless, I love sending and receiving them.  I love the posed pictures and carefully selected updates.  I love it all.  Well, all but taking them down.  I find it extremely difficult to trash these treasures at the end of each season, so I try to find little ways to get even more out of the seasonal Christmas card.  

Too cute to trash.

DIY GIFT TAGS:  I started making gift tags out of old cards last Christmas.  I don't limit myself to Christmas cards.  I make gift tags out of birthday cards too.  All you need to do, is buy (or borrow) a large gift tag punch and find a hole punch.  To keep costs down, search the Sunday paper for store discount coupons.  Joann Fabrics and Michael's usually has a coupon for 40-50% off one item in the Sunday paper or online.  If you don't mind paying full price, just check out good ol' Amazon.  Once you have your punch, start trimming and punching.  Trim the card down to desired image, center on punch, and push.  Don't forget the real estate on the back of the card too - there's always a use for blank gift tags.  Finish the gift tags off with a quick hole punch and some ribbon, raffia, or baker's twine.  Quick and easy!

Finished gift tags.  Aren't these cute?

Use the tags on jars, bottles, and canned treats.
No need to ever buy tags again.

Gift tags aren't your thing?  Check out these other fantastic ideas: 

PHONE CONTACTS:  Use the Christmas card photos for your phone contacts.  I'm not sure which blog or pin came up with the idea first, but I like the tutorial from AshleyAnnPhotography

CHRISTMAS CARD SAVER:  If you wish to keep your cards intact, check out the tutorial at The Creative Place to create a Christmas Card Saver.

CHRISTMAS DECOR:  Try making these cute Christmas Card Trees, Christmas Card Ornament Art, or Holiday Card Ornaments.

GIFT BOXES, BOWS, AND TAGS:  I love these ideas for (ah hem) re-gifting your Christmas cards.  These tutorials for Boxes from Cards, Christmas Card Poinsettia, or cute Holiday Card Monogram Labels will spruce up any gift. 

What are your plans for your old Christmas cards?  Post your ideas and pictures.

What?!  Too soon?

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  1. I have always liked the many ways there are to recycle them, but then you have a to wait a whole year until they are useful again. In the mean time, you can keep them in a a napkin holder on the dining room table, and pick one a week (or day or month, depending on how popular you are) to focus on. This gives you an opportunity to model storytelling (how did you first meet these people - what experiences have you shared with them?), prayer for others, and small but important ways to keep in touch (letter writing, phone calls, snacks, and TIME).